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DazNokiaFun is the official website of the 2004 Somerset Challenge Trophy!
The May Days produced a shock defeat for League Holders ICT ARRRRR! at the hands of FIS Hoof Hearted. This has really opened the league up with the high possibility that a new name could be on the trophy in 2004. Next games to be played in July with some big news (hopefully) to follow...... Photo's from games below......

      Click here for League Table Team Results and Stato in Excel format   
Click the tabs at the bottom of this Excel worksheet to see individual team stats!

Round 1 - ICT v Lifelong Learning



Check out the videoof this pic!!



Check out the videoof this pic!!


Round 1 - Care Bears v FIS


Check out the videoof Mike's Strike

Round 2 - ICT v Audit






     Check out the videoof this pic!! back