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Little Baby Nothing    

Lynn Maxwell's website including tons of real smart foties including loadsa neat gig pics and a great "cool strangers" foto page. Check!

Sputnik World v 3.0    

Official Sigue Sigue Sputnik website. All the info, pics, history (very interesting - have a read), merchandise, CD back catalouge, you will ever need. They've really bounced back proper now after a successful UK tour and the fantastic new album "Ultra Real". Everybody wants what Sputnik wants.

Mechanical Cabaret    

These guys rock! Saw them support Sigue Sigue Sputnik and blew me away. Loadsa goodies on their website includes some mp3 samples from their innovative debut CD "We have an agenda" - BUY IT NOW DIRECT FROM THEIR WEBSITE!

Sonic State    

A group to check out - fronted by Jenny Z, the SSS dub queen. Check out the Sonic State skinny t-shirt and buy one immediately. Will catch them live soon so keep checking for foties.    

A MASSIVE foto site of nights out in Bridgwater - literally tens of thousands of photos dating from 1999 right up to present. Includes photos and links of the Bridgwater Carnival and the huge social scene that goes with it.

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