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After partaking in canapes and mini kievs, we set out to the Winchester Arms, got beat thoroughly at pool, saw the action spice up a bit with a bit of chair throwing and retired to the old reading rooms. Cawarra ho!

Tokyo Legend gets Cawarra in knotted hanky shocker

Gavin goes for the yellow touch

Cider FM!

Nick - "HAVE IT!!"

The Streak decided not to look silly today

Nice Locks, Mitch

Hazel spends her quiz machine booty on Cawarra for all - nice one!

Tam, Jo and Tracey turn up at the Winch.

Santa's little helper

Jo shapes up for a cue shot

Brendan gets help with the pink

Snookered by Bunny

One for the ladies - "Too good" Phil

I'm not sure thats an entirely legal shot in the rules

Celtic contingent bow their heads - beaten by the girls

Tracey in sultry LBD shot

Daz Nokia Bunny

Watching the pagga just beofre we left (sharpish)

Pic of the year?? Mitch sparks up

Jenny and Lisa in the Olden Library

Jo with her sister Emma (you'd never guess that now would you!).

Jo and Tam get fruity

Emma and Paula in the Old Library - a turn up for the books (Em has got the same car as me so some very big respect is due!)

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