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Daz Nokia Foto Fun was created on 4th January 2003.

I aim to update and enhance the site as soon as I can so update those bookmarks and add to your favourites NOW!!!!

#PLEASE NOTE# When using the camera, I do my very best to let people know that I am taking the photo and that it could be likely that the photo will be on this website. Hence, the vast majority of pictures on the site are "posed for" - I never take pictures in paparazzi style. I would also never consider uploading photos that could potentially upset or embarrass people. That isnt what this site is about.
Even so, if there is a photo of you that you would like to be removed, then e-mail me and I will endeavour to remove it as soon as I can (I normally update this daily).
The objective of this site is about good times and therefore is meant to be a bit of a laugh and certainly never meant to upset anyone.

Any feedback is welcome, so bung an e-mail to me I only use this e-mail address as I'm a snazzy bunny cos my e-mails arrive on my mobile!

DazNokiaFun has been built by Darren Roberts and is hosted for free on the TerraLycos network.
The copyright of all these photographs on this site is owned by Darren Roberts unless otherwise stated.
DazNokiaFun is not responsible for any of the external links referred to on this site.
(c) Darren Roberts 2003.