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Steve leaves the confines of full time work to do a degree at Plymouth Uni. There was no getting away with it, he had to go in style....therefore we present class of 2003 with Steve being Teacher for the night. His class of 8 were generally well behaved....

Dave starts the IT lesson with his new phone

Jugs, anyone?

Gordon, having a fantastic time

You could be just 15 questions away from big money

Teachers arrives, quiet at the back

The first of the class arrive, Paula, Tammy, Jo and Jen

Paula shows Jen her whistle

Dave after 2 jugs

Teacher Steve delivers a stern warning to Tammy and Dave

Stand up straight, no slouching

Peter dares to criticise Dave's last audit plan. Whack!

Teacher Steve keeps order over Tammy, Jo, Helen and Amy

Gordon better behave as Paula has confiscated Teacher Steve's cane

Class 1, 2003. Front: Jo, Tammy, Helen, Amy. Back: Jen and Paula

Staff room antics with Flanagan and Hailey

Cheeky Girls override Al Jolson shocker

Paula and Jen suck on their straws

The power of Smirnoff Black mixed I think

DNF is told off for playing with his gadgets in class

Dave takes it like a man

Geography - its a small town in Albania we think

Is Dave preparing to assasinate teacher?

Pay attention Neil or I'll tell Teacher

Tracey slips into class un-noticed. teacher was having a crafty fag


Paula does a little performance for Teacher. Hear it by clicking below!
Its showtime.mp3!

Aqua down in one, no hands! It was Dirty Sanchez stunt time!

Tammy attempts to escape by climbing out of the roof

Boy, now that was some freak earthquake

Tammy blows DNF's whistle

In the Millers on a "field trip" is Jo, Helen and Tammy (with VERY high pink heels)

Paula blows the whistle too hard...

..luckily Tammy performs the Heimlich manoevure with help of a large cane

Skools out in Toad

I've had far too much to drink, I'm outta fotos and outta here.....

Big credit by the way to Tammy and the crew for putting a lot of effort into both their outfits and for making sure that Steve had a good final night with us all. Nice one! By the way, there were no marks on my backside from the incessant caning I got in the Millers. Phew! back