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There couldnt have been a better way to help Jennie celebrate her birthday than by spending 6 hours of a Friday evening in the Old Library. The wine, cocktail and shooters flowed a plenty; a whole lot of fun with some great people.

     Jen having just changed her stud, 14/02/03

     Chloe, Christina and Zak with supernatural sunglasses 14/02/03

     Chloe, Zak and Christina again; Cool was their blood type - keep tabbed to this site for links of their upcoming gigs/releases/news etc! 14/02/03

     Early evening group shot, just about to start winding up - 14/02/03

     Nicole in the Old Library with in the background (left) Sue and Jane and (right) Paula - 14/02/03

     Jon, enjoying the ale, 14/02/03

     A great pic of Jane, soon to move from the White to the Red (good choice) - 14/02/03

     ITS MY BIRTHDAY!! - 14/02/03

     A glass of "sex on the beach" in special Old Library birthday style - 14/02/03

     Adrian after Jane called him Julian....again - 14/02/03

     The girl selling shooters who could have retired on a sizeable nest egg after visiting our table. No wonder she's smiling - 14/02/03

     The Iceman cometh; crunching on ice cubes and empty shooter tubes - 14/02/03

     A great shot of Nicole with cheeky gesturing - 14/02/03

     I'm still Jennie from the block - 14/02/03

     Look no hands! Jen shotguns an aftershock - 14/02/03

     Urban Flavaz; and she's still Jennie from the block - 14/02/03

     Jon & Adrian with (in the background) Jane and Jim - 14/02/03

     Does my bum look big is this? Arse! - 14/02/03

     Me, after I got off my bus at about 11.30pm. I'm very, very smashed - 14/02/03