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Welcome to the official-ish site of the infamous Torquay trips. These were held annually from 1993 - 2001 although we only did photos from 1995.

From 1995-1997, the theory was simple. Breakfast at 8.30am, train at 9am, in Torquay 10.30am, Pitch and Putt before into bars open at 12noon. Kick around town, nip into Hollywood Bowl, back into town, chill on the Terrace Bar, train back at 8.30pm, back in Bridgwater at 10am, carry on into wee hours.....Pics below




From 1998, the crew got bigger so much so that arranging the train was out of bounds so we went down on the coach. I think we skipped the brekkies, went down to Torquay for about 12 noon and got the coach back later. The pressure was off so these trips were a bit more subdued.



The problem was that the event was a victim of its own success as what started out in 1993 as 6 lads from the office on a jolly on the train became in 2001, a 30 strong horde on a guest list and required some serious organisation! In the end it became a logistical nightmare as not only were there lots going but the "hardcore" veterans had all moved on so a lot of ringing round, e-mailing etc was needed. Also the 1999 event was a bit of a washout and it never recovered from that. These things dont last forever, I suppose!

There are still a few more Torquay photos from all of the years above to be put on as I've found some more lurking about in my playroom which also include Darrells leaving outing before he went to London, Darrell in London (bit saucy those) and two years worth of Christmas outings. Gimme time, they'll be there.


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